Makeovers at our North Wales photography studio

Fancy looking like a million dollars but not sure what actually happens at a makeover? Read on to find out what happens when you buy one of our makeover packages.

Our Gold package includes a makeover in addition to a photoshoot and your choice of prints afterwards. You can even add a friend to share the experience with. We have a roster of professional hairdressers and make-up artists, who we book to carry out your makeover once you've made your appointment. Each one has been carefully chosen for their friendly nature, the flexibility of the looks they can create and the high level of finish in their work.

It all happens in our lovely large dressing room, which is perfect if you would like to be photographed in more than one outfit:

The first thing that will happen is that our stylists will discuss the look that you'd like. They can create anything from natural to dramatic looks, so you'll find once they've finished that you look exactly as you'd like to. Our team has made-over tweens, teens, mothers and daughters, and friends looking for a treat, so our stylists have plenty of flexibility.

Then we'll bring you some fizz and nibbles, and your makeover can begin! We love make-up artist Dionne's big range of MAC products, shown here on our dressing table:

Each makeover takes around an hour per person to complete. You can see why when you look at the care hairdresser Charlotte takes when styling a client's hair:


And then you're ready for your photoshoot! We highly recommend having your makeover on a Friday or Saturday afternoon or evening, perfect for taking your new look out on the town!

To book your makeover, just take a look at our Gold package, then book online or call us on 01492 339 681.

Introducing our portrait photography gift packages

We’ve had photos for Christmas from a photoshoot my daughter had done of ourselves and our grandson, they are lovely, would recommend North Shore.
— Denise, Deganwy
North Wales phootgraphy gift package

If you're booking one of our portrait photography packages as a present, you'll have the option to tell us on the Booking page. And then we'll send you our beautiful gift box, complete with ribbon, so that you have something special to hand to the recipient.

Within the box, there's a gift certificate, plus information about the package, details of how to make an appointment (or when the appointment is if you've booked it yourself) and our contact details in case there's any questions.

You can see the gift box and its contents in the picture above.

Please note that gift certificates expire one year after purchase. Refunds are available for 30 days after your purchase. Feel free to transfer your certificate to someone else if you'd like to.

Take a look at our packages by following this link. There's something for everyone!

Baby photography in North Wales: Preparation tips

Baby portraits are probably the most frequent kind of portrait we create at our cosy studio in Llandudno. To help you plan for your own baby photoshoot, whether you're taking the photographs yourself are hiring a professional, here are our top tips on how to prepare.

Photographing a newborn? Aim to do this within two weeks of the baby's arrival, when he or she hasn't become too wriggly yet. The earlier, the better. Newborn photography works best with sleepy babies, so it’s ideal to give your little one a feed shortly before the photoshoot is due to start. If you're using a professional photographer, make sure that his or her studio has a quiet, warm place where the baby can be fed during the photoshoot, if he or she gets hungry again. We have a cosy dressing room and comfy viewing room, where you can spread out and take breaks.

If the baby’s going to get changed once he or she gets to the studio, dress him or her in
something that doesn’t have to be taken off over the head. The fewer disturbances the better!

We keep our studio very warm when photographing babies. This keeps them snug and avoids their skin becoming mottled. If you're not visiting us, aim to have the photo session in a warm room - not a garage! If you're visiting a professional photographer, bear in mind when choosing your own outfit that the studio is likely to be warmer than usual.

To find out more about our Llandudno-based baby photography, take a look at our packages.

What to wear at a photoshoot

Thanks to our spacious dressing room...

...everyone who comes to our photography studio in Llandudno has the opportunity for plenty of outfit changes. But how do you choose what to wear? And how do you co-ordinate your family?

It all depends on the look you want to create. For instance, for a relaxed, informal feel then nothing beats jeans. But if you have a special outfit to show off, that’s great too. The main thing is to look like you!

If there’s going to be more than one person in your portrait, it’s always best if everyone wears clothing that somehow links together. This link can be a similar colour or a similar style.

Rather than making everyone wear the same colour, which can be tricky, pick a colour palette that reflects what most people have in their wardrobes.

For instance:

Portrait photographer North Wales

In the example above, jeans and a mix of very light-coloured tops look modern and co-ordinated, without all the ladies resorting to the exact same colour.

For the portrait below, the daughters are all wearing delicate shades of pink and grey to co-ordinate with their Mum's top:

Family portrait studio North Wales

Then it's back to the dressing room, where the young girls from the first example above changed into black-and-white outfits for a more formal look:

Family photography Llandudno

For more advice on what to wear or which accessories to bring to your photoshoot, feel free to get in touch with us on 01492 339 681. And if you book a photoshoot with us, you'll get our free guide to preparing for a photoshoot.

Flexible child photography in North Wales

Our spacious dressing room and flexible packages mean that everyone who comes to the studio is welcome to change outfits. You can create different looks at the same photoshoot!

Here are some ideas for outfits from a recent photoshoot with two young brothers. See how smart they look in their matching bow ties:

Child photography North Wales

And after they'd gone back to our dressing room, they put cute little suits on too:

Child photography North Wales

Finally, the football-mad elder brother was treated by his parents to our special Football Hero photoshoot. While we changed our set to our brilliant football stadium, he changed into his favourite Real Madrid kit:

Football photography North Wales

All this is made possible by our plush, spacious dressing room:

Photography studio Llandudno

For more details, see our studio here or check out our affordable packages. We hope to see you soon!